Copper Home & Garden Accents
Friday, 04 Oct 2013

About Us

GUNER EKSPORT LTD. is an export oriented manufacturer - exporter company founded at early seventies. At present we produce home and garden functional-decorative items made of copper, brass, wrought iron, pewter and zinc.  High variety collection of goods are mainly labor intensive high quality handicrafts. Some of our products are flower pots, vases, umbrella holders, candle holders, fountains, magazine racks etc. Guner Eksport is supplying decorative and functional products for department stores, big catalogue retailers, and wholesellers across the world.


With over thirty years background, Guner Eksport has dynamic and fast developing trend looking forward to the future. Specially in the last dacade to satisfy costumer requirements in full, Guner Eksport expanded its production and service capacity. BASE METAL was foundered by ISA GUNER for this aim. While increasing quality, delivering orders on time is become our reputation. The result of this proceses, fully customer satisfaction is also achived.

Beside of adding new models to its original designs, Guner Eksport has so many models already presented in its showroom. We also can succesfully develope new items on customer specifications and/or customers' own designs and work exclusively.