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Friday, 04 Oct 2013


Finish Alternatives


We are able to apply different kind of finishes to metal surfaces. The appearance also depends on the pattern, given on the surface especially by hammering. We examine different combination of chemicals to achieve distinct outlook. Even though most of our finishes are in atique category, we can also polish the surface and get a modern look. Actually, we can apply some other finishes, if you explain us like, "I want the finish look like a little more darker, or lighter..."

Here are the basic finish alternatives in our catalouge:


1003-fine hammer light copper-----1005-plain semi oxid copper-----1006-light dark zinc-----1008-semi matt dark zinc-----1013-intensive hammer copper-----1050-matt dark zinc-----1101-fine hammer red copper-----1102-fine hammer dark copper

-   1003          1005          1006          1008           1013           1050           1101         1102


1103-fewer hammer light copper-----1104-fewer hammer mix dark-----1105-wrinkled antique copper-----1106-antique dark copper-----1107-rice hammer dark copper-----1108-intensive mix hammer-----1109-knit red copper-----1110-knit zinc

-  1103          1104           1105           1106          1107          1108           1109          1110


1111-antique knit copper-----1112-rich copper and green-----1113-pale dark green copper-----1114-shiny dark zinc-----1116-semi verdi green-----1117-semi antique hammer-----1118-dark antique hammer-----1119-leopard hammer

-  1111          1112           1113           1114         1116            1117          1118          1119


702-fine hammer dark brass-----703-fine hammer light brass-----994-plain red copper-----995-plain dark oxid copper-----998-hammered light red copper

-   702           703             994            995             998


In addition to these metal finishes, we can also apply copper painted and copper plated finishes.