Copper Home & Garden Accents
Friday, 04 Oct 2013


Manufacture Process



In our products, we combine crafting methods with fabrication methods. That's why you can feel both the elegance of art and durability of the finishings and assembly.

By the help of our fully equipped workmen and machines, we can perform our business ideally.


We use different methods to give form to sheet copper. Here are some of the methods and details:

1- Handcrafting------------- -----measuring----------crafting

2- Hammering--------------- hammering1-----hammering2-----hammering3-----hammering4

3- Spinning-------------------spinning

4- Rimming-------------------rimming1----rimming2

5- Soldering------------------soldering1----soldering2

6- Tempering-----------------tempering

7- Tin Plating-----------------tinplating1----tinplating2---tinplating3

8- Polishing-------------------polishing1----polishing2

9- Finishing-------------------