Copper Home & Garden Accents
Friday, 04 Oct 2013

Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Which metals can you process?
Historically Anatolia had been a center for copper works. Main metal that we are processing is also copper. Beside of copper we process wrought iron, zinc, brass, pewter and galvanized steel.

2 - Are you exhibiting at any international fair?
Every year we are exibiting at Ambiente Frankfurt on February, SPOGA+GAFA Cologne on September.

3 - What is your capacity?
We have two facilities one in Istanbul and other one in central Anatolia (Yozgat). Our head quarter is in Istanbul, manufacture is in Yozgat. Yozgat facility has 4000m2 (40.000 square feet) covered production area with all needed machine park. 600 tonne is our annual metal processing capacity. With dynamic structure if needed we can jump our capacity to a much higher point.

4 - What is your delivery date?
Depending on our production schedule and your order size deliver time will be set between 4 weeks to 7 weeks. Once delivery time is set it does not change. We are proud to be known as punctual delivery provider in our market.

5 - Do you help us to find transportation company?
Generally we sell in terms of FOB. So that you can determine the transportation company. If you require us to search for options we will be happy to ask and collect quotes locally.

6 - I have an idea but I need it to be realized so that I can offer to my market. Can you make a sample?
Yes we can make the sample of your idea. For this we just need ovarall sizes and shape of the model that you are thinking. Based on your specification we will make scaled drawing and quickly develope a sample exclusively for you.

7 - Having a sample quickly is good but I want my model not to be sold to another company in my market.
We are srictly dedicated to our exclusivity policy. Even if we develope our own idea, we never offer same model to another costumer in same market.