GUNER EKSPORT LTD. is an export oriented manufacturer-exporter company which founded in early 70s.At the present we produce artistic functional metalworks made of copper,brass,wrought iron,pewter and zinc.Our unique products collection includes bath tubs, sinks,fire pits, planters,umbrella holders,candle holders,fountains, magazine racks and many more.

Our company is currently supplying products for specialty stores,online retailers with broad catalogue and wholesalers to respond the needs of people with pleasure all around the World.Guner Eksport owes its rapid development to its dynamic soul with over fourty years of experience which built upon the heritage of thousands years old ancient Anatolian art of metalworks.

Guner Eksport expanded its production and service capacity specially in the last decade by the philosophy of a contemporary style with traditional heritage.

Delivering orders “on time” became our reputation while we keep increasing production quality constantly.Beside adding new models to our product range we already have more than 3,000 different selections in our catalogue.

Also, we can successfully develop new items on customer specifications and/or we can bring our customers’ designs into reality by intensive labor of our highly skilled design team and craftsmen.