Base Metal-fountains


  • We produce different kinds of copper fountains,
  • Which can be used both for indoor and outdoor.
  • We supply the pump together with the copper structure.
  • Copper fountains will provide an elegant look in your stylish places.
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Base Metal-Bathtub and Sinks


  • We produce copper bathtubs and sinks for your home to make you
  • feel as if you are in a special palace.
  • Bathtubs can be tin plated, especially inside.
  • We can also make copper skirt for acrylic bathtubs.
  • We leave a hole for drainage.
  • If you wish, we can supply the whole accessory.
  • Sinks can be both embedded and tabletop.
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Base Metal-Mirror Types


  • Each of our copper mirrors have different style with different design details.
  • We generally apply antique finish to mirrors,
  • which provides an elegant look.
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Base Metal-Watering cans


  • We have different kinds of watering cans,
  • you can choose the one which fits the best to your style.
  • Some of them have rose in front of their pipe while some
  • of them are just with a single small pipe.
  • You can use our watering cans;Especially for
  • outdoor activities but we can also present smaller types for your indoor uses too|
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Base Metal-Clocks


  • Our copper wall clocks will be in harmony
  • with your stylish indoor decoration.Clock mechanismis
  • hidden in backward.Copper cover is decorated with brass spots, which serve as sign.
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Base Metal-Wall Decorations


  • Our artistic copper wall arts
  • will be the masterpieces of your living places with their antique striking look.|
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Base Metal-Giftwares


  • We also produce small sized giftware accessories too..
  • Such as copper pencil cases in different styles.
  • You can use them for decoration beside of using as a pencil case.
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Base Metal-Furnitures


  • We produce copper furniture in an extraordinary way,
  • which are really exclusive and distinct from any other typical furniture.
  • First, we use iron to construct the frame. And then our craftsmen are powder
  • coating the iron in black color.At the final we wrap copper surface to MDF or steel surfaces.
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Base Metal-Kitchen Accessories


  • We present lots of kitchen tools and accessories for your kitchen elegance.
  • Some of them are just for decoration while some of them are both functional and decorative.
  • Antique copper finish will remind you the copper kitchen tools in old times.
  • It is possible with these products to combine the old look with modern approach.
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Base Metal-Magazine racks


  • Copper magazine racks are both functional and decorative in your indoor places.
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Base Metal-Flowerpots


  • We present flowerpots and planters for
  • both outdoor and indoor.
  • We especially apply antique finish
  • to copper surfaces in flowerpots to give a natural look to our products.
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Base Metal-Fireplace accessories


  • Fireplace accessories are one of our major product group.
  • We produce fire screens, fire place sets, log bins,
  • log carriers,
  • match holders etc.Different sizes of log bins and screens are available.
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Base Metal-Barbeques


  • We are proud of to present our barbeque models with special designs
  • which are both functional and decorative.
  • While some of them are in traditional Anatolian concept.
  • some of them are in modern look.Barbeques are designed for big outdoors to serve
  • a group of people.There are some functional cells
  • in the frame. Grate is stainless steel. There are handles to carry them easily.
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Base Metal-Hosepots


  • We produce copper hose pots in different styles. There are much
  • more alternatives than samples you are seeing here now for example; we can also
  • make copper plated steel hose pots which looks like copper but more cheaper.
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Base Metal-Birdhouses


  • Our beautiful copper birdhouses with brass hanging accessories,
  • have wooden interior in order to protect birds from weather conditions.
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Base Metal-Mailboxes


  • We produce traditional American style mailboxes in copper.
  • There are also other classic forms in our mailbox collection.
  • We can apply locking mechanism in order to provide safety.
  • Generally, we make holes on under or back surfaces of the frame for mounting.
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